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Oil - changing motor oil - 450/700/750

by Glenlivet, 2008-04-28

Choosing the oil.

Suzuki of course, recommends using Suzuki oil. (Go figure )
The service manual specifies an oil that meets API service classification SF or SG and is 10W-40 or for colder climates, 5W-30.

It must be understood that the King Quad has a centrifugal 'wet' clutch, and automotive oils are not considered suitable. Oil made for cars and trucks has 'friction modifiers' and such additives that are not compatible a wet clutch. The wet clutch has to 'grab' and the friction modifiers are made to defeat such a thing. You want to use an oil that does not have such additives.

Oil that is sold as 'Motorcycle oil' or 'ATV oil' is made for our application and is now widely available in automotive supply stores as well as motorcycle and ATV dealerships.

The accompanying Tech Tip, 'Oil filter sealer ring ** Service Caution! **' is important enough to repeat here:
" On several occasions it has been reported that a King Quad has suffered a sudden and swift loss of all the motor oil, without warning, at some time closely following an oil change.

What happens is that during servicing the rubber (neoprene) sealer ring on the oil filter sticks to the block when the old filter is removed, rather than staying in the filter's provided groove and coming off with the filter, and the person servicing the machine doesn't notice.

Then when the new filter is screwed on, the rubber rings become stacked, new on top of old. It works for a while but then the oil pressure finally blows out the original ring because it isn't nesting in a slot to hold its shape and position, and there goes all your oil.
This has happened with oil changes done by shop mechanics as well as those doing their own oil changes.
The oil filter's awkward location makes it likely for the service technician to miss this dangerous situation, but the solution is simple: Whoever is doing the oil change must be aware of this danger and check that the old neoprene ring comes off with the filter, or peel it off the block when it does not.

How much oil do we need?
People have reported their King Quad took different amounts when changing their oil and surely this is a measuring issue. Bottom line would be, do it on as level a surface as you can get and check the new level frequently as you pour.

The manual says 2.6 US quarts per oil change "with filter" and 3.2 quarts after an overhaul. Now if that doesn't make a guy scratch his head... Why should it take over half a quart more oil after a strip down than it takes for a routine oil change?
The obvious answer has to be that Suzuki recognizes that there are places in the motor that retain motor oil despite the removal of the drain plug. Low spots and places where reinforcing webs impound some oil when the machine sits level. This suggests that even when you change the oil, 20% of the freshly changed supply is still old oil! (In 'dry' sump systems such as used by Harley Davidson and some older British motorcycles, this is normal and draining the oil for a change doesn't get all the oil)

So, away we go. Find a level parking surface. Warm the motor up to make the oil flow more readily and to put the accumulated foreign matter that may have settled out of the oil back into suspension.
Stop the motor, lock out the 'kill' stop switch, place a receiving pan under the oil drain and remove the drain plug located in the middle of the main skid plate. Remove the filter too, if you are doing a change of filter this time. (Personally I change the filter every time)
* Check for the neoprene ring on the old filter!
Install the new filter, turning it two full turns more after the gasket is felt to contact the sealing face.
When no more oil drains, replace the oil drain plug (important step ) and torque to 15 foot lbs. or 21 Newton-Meters.

Pour the new oil in the dipstick hole and check frequently when approaching 2 quarts or liters. The dipstick cap isn't screwed in to check the level, just set into the hole and removed. Aim for the top of the cross hatched part and that's full. Allow a couple of minutes for the oil to distribute in the crankcase and reach a level when checking it.

It bears mentioning that the wet clutch lives in the motor oil case and discards the friction material from its shoes into the oil in the normal course of it's operation, suggesting that somewhat frequent oil changes would be a good idea to ensure a good long service life out of one's King Quad.

Externally purchased oil additives and enhancers such as 'Marvel Mystery Oil' and 'Slick 50' are a touchy subject. Some people claim a long and loyal family history of using these products with great results, and then there are several authoritative sources readily found via internet search that debunk the additives and revile them as scams.
The reader may research as he wishes and choose what to believe .

ps. Don't forget to slide the kill switch back to 'on'.

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